Sun Dried Tomato and Chicken Breast Bake

When I was pregnant I craved everything tomato based (maybe that’s why I have this 4 year long hiccup they blame on acid reflux that just won’t go away 😦    ) ; tomato soup, chicken tikka masala, and pasta with sun dried tomatoes just to name a few, yum.  But that craving never really went away, and I just developed higher a love for them.  Today I had a hankering to use my sun-dried tomatoes because they just looked so flavorful in that bottle.

So I gathered up some of my favorite ingredients and got to cooking.  It didnt take long at all, simple quick and easy.  And I usually end up using my own choice of seasonings because I find it to be more flavorful than sticking to a simple recipe. (please note: I also used Chief’s Green Seasoning and some Black Pepper)




Clean meat with vinegar and water.  Season.IMG_1021

Layer sun-dried tomatoes on top of the chicken breasts. I spooned out the herb oil from the bottle into the roasting dish as well. IMG_1023

Sprinkle parsley and bake at 350°



Finished product, deliciously seasoned sun-dried tomatoes and juicy baked chicken breast tenders.



I tried to skip carbs with this meal and eat with broccoli, but I caved and ate with vegetable rice.  I mean it DID have broccoli in it and it tasted great.  Next time I will try this meal with spaghetti squash since I it pairs well with pasta and a nice white wine.  Enjoy.

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