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Whew Chile, The Holidays

It’s officially Holiday Season! I, for one, am someone who knows the holidays are full of marketing and propaganda but don’t care, I still love them. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and NYE are time for family, friends, comfort food and new beginnings. But for a lot of us these days are also full of stress and emotional triggers! Between finding the perfect gift while staying in the budget to not having anyone to share them with, the Holidays can also enhance some of our feelings of lack and loneliness. Instead of laughter and joy you spend the night trying to avoid Aunt Jackie who loves asking why you don’t have any kids or aren’t married yet, so you don’t cuss her out.

This year though, this year will be different. We are going to flow through this season and give ourselves the love and abundance we think we lack, because we now know that the only true joy resides within. All genocide aside, let’s look at Thanksgiving as a time to be grateful and thankful for all the people in our lives and the things we do have. And on the flip side if your family/situation makes you feel shitty, give them a designated time to spend and then keep it moving to Friendsgiving or somewhere else you feel yourself.

A helpful tip to remember is QTIP: Quit Taking It Personal. The miserable things people say or do are only reflections of them, not of you. The moment you take it personal you make it about you, and we don’t have time for that.

MasterClass Level: Send them compassion. Instead of getting upset, embarrassed, or hurt, try to be compassionate for the person and imagine (without going too deep) where that ignorance may stem from. This helps you brush it off and not cause disruption to your day.

Love and Light,


Recommended Reading (for not taking things personally):

The Four Agreements by Paulo Coehlo


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