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Liner makes the lipstick.

“How’s my lipstick look? ”

“Girl, you have color all around your mouth”

“Dammit! ”

I was recently told lipliner makes the lipstick. Now granted the person who told me is the manager of Macy’s who knows as much about liner as I do (which is nothing); but someone at a makeup counter told her and I just had to find out what they meant.

I know a lot of girls who use liner and just as many who don’t. I always thought that since I’m fine with my lip shape and size I didn’t need a liner. But there are way more important benefits (and rules) of liners, some that I really wish I knew when I started wearing lipstick.

Lining your lips helps from bleeding and feathering. The first lipstick I started wearing was Mac Red, simple classy and messy. It looked gorgeous but I was constantly checking to see if it was still on my lips and not all around my face, ugh! Bleeding/ feathering is when your lipstick runs into the creases and fine lines around your mouth, creates vertical lines as it fades, and/or ends up around your mouth and even on your teeth.

Brighter colors and red lipsticks are more likely to bleed. Try this trick to keep your colors in place and your lips poppin’ !

1. Prep with a balm to achieve smooth kissably soft lips. Drier lips are more prone to feathering.

2. Apply foundation or lip primer to lips to create a smooth matte surface for both liner and lip color to adhere to.

3. Using either a colorless liner or a liner the same shade or similar to your lipstick, carefully trace your lip line and (in most cases) fill in the lip. NEVER use a darker liner, unless you’re aiming to change the look of the lip color.

4. Apply lipstick. Bleeding can also occur with too much product so keep it to the necessary amount.

You can experiment with the formula because different shades and brands bleed differently. I have no problem with Mac Ruby Woo, once on it stays put, but Mac Heroine gave me a big issue last time I wore it and I realized it’s because I didnt use a liner. I think I’ll need a liner and primer for a color like Revlon Berry Haute, as it began to feather and fade shortly after applying it.

Some ladies (and gents) prefer to use a brand formulated lip primer to cut out foundation and liner (depending on the color) and create a base for the color to stick to. But it’s like anything else, do whatever works best for you.

You guys have any tips or methods that work for you?

photo credit: jerine via photopin cc


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