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Lip Craaazy Beauty Haul :-)

Oooohhhh my first beauty haul ! I went lippie and Nyx crazy but I had some things I just HAD to try.

First things first, I love all things MAC (except for their under eye primer, but I’ll get to that another day) so naturally I had to get some lipstick in this haul.   I added Heroine back into my mix because I had it a while ago but lost it, so I felt like I never got to experience it (I purchased Nyx Prune to try as a liner for Heroine bc it was recommended along with Nyx Purple Rain which I couldn’t find in store.)  Second, I got the magnificent, glorious, splendiferous red lipstick that is Mac Ruby Woo (Retro Matte) !  One of my faves to date.

Next I decided to try Nyx for the first time because I mean for those prices ($5.99 Matte Lipstick) and the popularity who could pass it up?  And let’s just say, from the first trial I was disappointed in the colors and results I got.  I originally got 4 lipsticks which included Alabama and Siren, but ended up returning the other two before I opened them.  If a product says Matte, I like for it to be MATTE, not semi or creamy, but hard to go on and stays put when it’s on my lips.  In hindsight I realized (after doing research for my lip liner post) that these lipsticks probably aren’t bad, I just wasn’t using a lipliner to get the flawless results I was looking for.  So I went back and exchanged the other two lipsticks for lipliners and the matte lipcreams.  If you know anything about Nyx, you know that they sell out quick and some colors are very hard to find, like Copenhagen lipcream and I’ve only heard about Nyx Purple Rain which I almost didn’t believe existed anymore because I didn’t see a tag for it at Ulta. I had no luck finding any lipcreams I intended to get and found Nyx Currant liner to go with my Nyx Siren.

I also picked up Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Bronzed (Ulta was having a nice 40% off sale on all Maybelline) because I want to try some nude shades for brown girls, and I saw in a Beauty By JJ video that some of her fave nudes are Maybelline.  I bought Nyx Nutmeg and Nude Truffle liners to pair with the Bronzed; I will let you know what I come up with later.

OK so I have a lot of work and experimenting to do but that is my first beauty haul.  Hope this provided some more insight on certain brands, and your expectations.  Do you guys have any tips? I’m always down to learn something new!


1. Maybelline Bronzed 2. Nyx Nude Nutmeg 3. Nyx Nude Truffle Liner 4. Mac Ruby Woo 5. Nyx Currant Liner 6. Nyx Alabama Matte Lipstick 7. Mac Heroine 8. Nyx Prune Liner 9. Nyx Siren Matte Lipstick


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