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My First OOTD !!

Well its really a remix of an outfit of the night but you know how that night photography goes sometimes!  I bought these awesome sheer pants a few years ago from American Apparel and am always looking for lowkey ways to wear them, because lets admit it, sheer is the epitome of risqué!  This was my second time wearing these, and I loved it but I definitely made sure to wear boyshorts underneath; Don’t want to give the anyone too much of a show 😉


Forever 21 Bodysuit 

American Apparel pants (alternative)

Jessica Simpson Caldas 

ASOS Leather Jacket (alternative)

Low Temple Sunglasses



IMG_0747 IMG_0776 IMG_0774



4 thoughts on “My First OOTD !!

  1. Fierce and fabulous! As always. Personally digging the hair the most and can’t wait to be about that dread bun life. Congrats on the blog princesa. 😘


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