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DIY: Thanksgiving Spirit Centerpiece

Give thanks for family and friends.  It’s officially the Holiday Season and for once I am super excited!  I think it’s a combination of my son, DIY enthusiasm and just plain happiness, but yes this year I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas and I’m ready to decorate!

Recently I realized I love painting things, it’s just so soothing and dare I say mindless.  I don’t have to think about everything I have going on in my world, I just paint and wait to dry, so simple!  So my first project was to do a pumpkin centerpiece.


I showed my father (an old photographer) some of the pictures and he said “You should have painted a Turkey, that’s more Thanksgiving!” LOL I just had to laugh.  I guess I could have especially bc I never really thought about pumpkins when thinking of T-Day, more so Halloween, but it IS still autumn.  Even if it is currently a cold rainy dreary day, I will thoroughly enjoy this season before winter hits (insert sole tear falling.)IMG_1201 IMG_1205

I spray painted the white pumpkin in a satin white.  After it dried I wrote “thanks” on the pumpkin, which believe it or not was the hardest part of the centerpiece because of the cursive and trying not to look like a child wrote it.  I painted the Mason jar (for some reason was most excited about that bc it looks like it came that way and was ridiculously easy) and painted the FAMILY letters with the same orange.  I painted the big pumpkin with 2 layers of gold.  IMG_1199
I don’t really know what to call the white decorations, but I picked those up at Michael’s (40% on sale) and tried to creatively drape it to tie the piece together.

Do you guys typically decorate for Thanksgiving or are you skipping right to Christmas? Any new recipes you are trying this year? I don’t have a menu yet but I know I cant wait to eat!


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