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From Basic to SuperNatural: My Top 5 Books to Freedom.

A lot of people ask what books I read and how I recently learned to meditate.  I used to read a lot but somewhere along the line I traded that love in for TV.   Then when that got boring and mindless, I canceled my cable and slowly made it back to the bookstore.  There’s just something about paper books (and the occasional eBook) and the detailed stories they tell, TV just can’t compare to (no shade to the binge watchers/tv people because I live for a good show!)  If I learned anything in the last few months, it is that they hide everything in books, and use media and tv to feed, scare and control you. It might sound crazy but pay attention to how you feel after you watch the news, or watch reality tv or simply who you follow on social media. Negativity sells. You have to search for positivity.

Here are my 5 favorite books that lead me to ascension.

Men Don’t Love Women Like You:

I’d have to say this is the book that started it all.  In my search for answers of how to fix something that was clearly meant to be broken,  where do you think I turned? Google, of course!  That’s where I came across a website called and boy oh boy was it raw.  It was honest opinions from a man’s perspective about women growing stronger, having confidence and learning to have respect for themselves while taking responsibility for settling for shitty situations.  That site led me to the authors book, Men Don’t Love Women Like You, which opened my whole existence.  This is no fluffy Think Like A Man book, as it can and WILL hurt your feelings; but like everything great, you must break down the foundation (ego) and rebuild yourself (the spirit) up stronger and better than before.  His take on the Goddess Consciousness will astonish you, if you are ready to receive that kind of insight.

The Secret

Now to be honest, while there is a book version, I watched the 90 minute documentary on Netflix.  I heard about The Secret years ago and tried to watch it but was immediately uninterested as I didn’t want to be “brainwashed” smh. But I’ve always wondered about it and consistently hear great things so once G.L. Lambert mentioned it in his book I decided it was time. It starts the necessary conversation about positivity, manifestation and the Law of Attraction. In order to become a positive person and attract greatness into your life, you have to think positively and speak what you want into existence.  You can’t spend your life being negative and still expect good things to come to you. And while they may still happen (because we are naturally blessed) you may not understand or appreciate them until you understand how the mind, energy, and the universe work.

The Four Agreements

The first time I heard of this book was in Big Sean’s 2017 interview with the Breakfast Club.  I could immediately tell by how he spoke, that he had reached a level of enlightenment and confidence that I wanted.  He mentioned that he read the Four Agreements and The Alchemist and I, being on a hungry quest for knowledge, was ON IT.  I can’t really explain the impact this particular book had on me because it starts off seemingly strange (it introduces a different theory of the design of the world)  but as you keep reading, the bulbs light up.  You begin to realize that everything that you encounter is a result of your own doing and learned behavior, but can be changed by acceptance, forgiveness, and the release of the rules instilled in us by society and then replacing them with four simple agreements.  In order to be free in this life, we must let go of everything we thought we knew.

Manifest Your Destiny 

Between this book and the countless YouTube Videos, I’ve learned that The Secret is just the tip of the iceberg of manifestation and spirituality.  You can “speak it into existence” all you want but if you don’t put the energy and belief behind what you’re asking for, its probably not going to compute properly.  If you’ve ever watched Oprah’s show or OWN you’ve probably heard of Wayne Dyer since he has been interviewed so many times by her.  He was definitely an authoritative figure in the art of manifesting and has many talks, videos, books on the method.  Connect with your higher self, trust yourself, believe that you are worthy, control the thoughts that take space in your mind, and be Divine, just to name a few.  This is a great book to start learning about meditation and how to reach your authentic self, but remember that knowledge is endless, so also check out Abraham Hicks, Deepak Chopra, Gary Zukav and Shelah Marie.


The Alchemist

Hands down my favorite book. What a beautifully written fable filled with many of life’s lessons.  I won’t say too much about it, except that this is when I felt free.  When I closed The Alchemist I felt justified, like everything now made sense.  Everything I’ve ever done was never a coincidence or luck, but all from the power within.  My mother used to tell me “you can do anything you put your mind to,’ and I believed her.  Now I believe in myself.

What are some of your favorite books that have helped you gain confidence and trust in self? Has any one read the Seat Of The Soul? Its next on the list and comes highly recommended but I’m having a hard time getting into it.


2 thoughts on “From Basic to SuperNatural: My Top 5 Books to Freedom.

  1. I’m a wife and mother of 3, which I became a mother at a pretty early age, and since then all I’ve really known to be is a mother & caretaker. Unfortunately, somewhere along the lines I failed to include myself in the caretaking, and because of that I lost myself. I really appreciate you sharing your journey, because it is helping me to rediscover who I am.

    P.S. The Four Agreements is one of my favorite books.

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    • Giiiirrllll, thank you for sharing that with me as well. It’s hard to find the balance and not feel selfish but no matter how much you put yourself first, your family will always benefit because they are extension of you. That’s what I tell myself, my overflow immediately goes to my son, and he is happier from it. I have a great video for you. I’ll post it shortly.


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