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Eyebrows ’bout to be on Fleek! Face ’bout to beat.  LOL I always said I wouldn’t get carried away with the makeup, as in contouring (which I still won’t), but I do want to try a light contoured look.  Now by no means will I be drawing on my face, looking like a tiger, but I do want to try that little dark line underneath the cheekbone (although to be honest with my HIGH cheekbones, I won’t need too much of it.)


I have two shades of Anastasia dip brow pomade because I bought the ebony color first because it’s recommended for my skin tone and hair color; But I ended up going back two more times to find the perfect shade.   OH and I broke down and got the Anastasia duo brush #12 which is EVERYTHING. (I’ll be going more into that in one of my next posts about eyebrows.)

I bought some blush I saw Beauty by JJ use in her youtube videos, since I don’t have any nor do I use much so that will be new. The Berry Haute lipstick I think is a dupe for MAC Up The Amp that I wanted to try; it’s not in my opinion, but it is pretty nonetheless.  Not as awesome as my Up The Amp tho!  And finally, my favorite face cleansing wipes, Pink Grapefruit Neutrogena.  I like the fresh feeling they gives me, like they’re treating my skin and they’re so necessary.


1. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Berry Haute – $4.99

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Ebony – $18

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Chocolate– $18

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Large Synthetic Brush Duo #12 – $18

5. Neutrogena Oil Free Cleansing Wipes (Pink Grapefruit) – $6.49

6. Sleek Blush in Flamingo – $8.99

7. Sleek Contour Kit in Dark – $9.99


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