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I’m in Love with the Coco… Chocolate Dip Brow Pomade for the Win!

Hey all, so I’m here today with a review of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in ebony, chocolate, and dark brown.

My experience with this pomade has been a tumultuous one.  I went through three shades to find the perfect one for my skin tone and really just my preference. I started by looking online and seeing what colors were recommended for me (chocolate to dark brown skin with yellowish (winter) and red undertones) and found that ebony was suggested.  So I ran to Ulta, and even had a salesperson help me decipher the real difference between the darker shades, and left excited to get home to try the pomade that everyone raved about.  It was so dark, damn near black even.  So I went back and bought the dark brown, thinking this must be fine, how can dark brown be wrong? But that had a tinge of ash to it that really did nothing for my brows or complexion…

So I went on instagram and hashtag searched #DipBrowEbony and ran across a brown skin Youtube vlogger, ThomasAdrianna and saw she had a whole tutorial on using the ebony pomade.  (Watch Here)  Now after watching this video I became a believer, and understood the magic that could be with Ebony.  It can be hard to work with but with practice and lighter strokes ebony can achieve a beautiful natural look for someone with very dark hair.  It’s very pigmented and smooth so you dont need much on your brush. I’d recommend Ebony for experienced brow-istas.  LOL

In the midst of learning I saw that the vlogger mentioned that ebony is probably the most returned shade, and a bell dinged in my head.  You can return it???? She said most girls exchange the ebony for chocolate, so that’s exactly what I did. And OMG a difference did she made.  I LOVE chocolate.  It’s for the experienced and the novice because it’s well pigmented but has a very natural finished look!  It’s my favorite and takes the win for the pomade with the ebony coming in a close second.  I definitely think I will use ebony depending on my mood that night because once I understood it I was able to work with it.

I also realized how important brushes are with makeup, especially when filling in brows.  I was using a cheap brush and decided to try the #12 Anastasia duo brush with the spooli attached and immediately saw the difference. Easier to apply and more precise, and the fibers don’t stick together when applying the product.

What are your experiences with this product?  I’d love to hear from you.


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