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Lessons from Auntie Iyanla to Oprah (A Must See)

I am sure most of you have seen the 60 second clip circulating social media about why you ned to keep your cup (love of self) full, but this is the longer version that we all need to see.

She drops bombs from the beginning to the end; from that part about us being the representation of God in our lives (if you only knew how deep this goes,) to only sharing the overflow from our cup, to how sacrificing yourself is a disservice to yourself and creates a thief of the person you’re sacrificing for.

This is a great beginning for anyone wondering why they cant shake the feeling of being unfulfilled no matter what the circumstance, or someone like me who heard and understood the cup metaphor before, but it didn’t resonate until months later when I finally did the work.

Enjoy and leave your thoughts below.  What do you think of this word and does it provide the answers or leave you needing more?


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